Bridging Finance

Whatever your short-term requirement, GDL’s team of specialist bridging brokers can help secure a fast cash-injection to fulfil your objectives until longer term finance is secured.

As bridging finance experts with vast industry experience, we are able to offer quick and simple loans with full transparency and a clear exit strategy in place from the get-go. Our working relationships with mainstream bridging lenders, family offices, high net-worth individuals, private and high street banks and other unique pots allow us to deliver tailored loans at the most competitive range.

We can arrange flexible bridging loans of up to £100 million, secured against property or land for anywhere from one day to 24 months. Security can be provided by one or more properties on a first, second and even on a third legal charge basis and are available for clients with adverse credit history.

Such is our standing in the market; GDL can also work with both lenders and borrowers to achieve attractive terms including:

  • Flexible repayment schedules
  • No upfront fees
  • No early repayment charges
  • Interest free repayments until maturity of loan
  • 75% LTV (loan-to-market ratio), even when purchased below market value

Common Bridging Finance & Loan Purposes

Bridging finance can be used in a multitude of ways and is designed to provide a quick injection of cash whilst a long term solution is sought.

Some common uses of GDL clients include:

Fast capital

Sometimes the best deals can’t wait. Finances are required quickly to ensure business can be done. We help you get the funds you need to meet those all-important deadlines.

Property refurbishment

Where high street lenders shy away from refurbishment lending or prolong loan approvals, we’ll track down short term lenders that offer the perfect alternative – 65%-70% LTV to purchase a property and funding 100% of refurbishment costs.

Fixed Property Chain

Where the sale of an existing property is preventing the purchase of a new building, a bridging loan can offer up to 100% of the required amount. Loans can be secured against any property owned by the borrower.

Un-mortgageable properties

If you see potential where a conventional lender doesn’t – a rough diamond of a property – commercial bridging lenders can put up the funds. Rather than simply judging a property uninhabitable, bringing financiers look at value based on current state and are willing to lend up to 75% LTV.

Planning permission

A notoriously laborious process, commercial bridging loan can provide a quick, short-term solution to secure planning permission against land or property. With access to a wide-range of reputable lenders, GDL will work with you to achieve finance until a development loan can be sought.

Auction finance

Upon successful a bid, an auction purchase balance must often be settled with 28 days. The quick-cash nature of a bridging loan can provide you with access to the finance you require.

The exit strategy

GDL strives to offer the most versatile and transparent bridging loans, with terms suited to your requirements. As part of this approach we always look to ensure an exit strategy is put in place from moment of initial application.

A defined exit strategy benefits both lender and borrower. By drawing up an exit strategy you have a clear understanding of how and when the bridging loan will be repaid and the lender is satisfied that any outstanding balance will be paid within the set time period.

Where a short-term loan is required, bridging finance offers the perfect solution. GDL has the resources in place to ensure you get the funding your project requires.

To discuss your needs and secure bridging finance for your business, call GDL today on 01642 789800. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at