Development Pre-Sales

Buying ‘off-plan’ involves purchasing a property that has yet to begin construction. It’s a flexible and affordable alternative to buying an existing property and offers a wide range of benefits to owners and investors.

At GDL, our development pre-sales team specialise in providing support and assistance to those looking to raise finance for off-plan purchasing. With vast industry experience and knowledge of the common pitfalls involved in this development sector, we are able to work with you to help you find a property worthy of investment and raise the funding required, taking advantage of our working relationships with global lenders and developers to secure the most attractive terms.

Buying off-plan allows you to:

  • Purchase property at a lower price with greater financial incentives;
  • Purchase property with a specific location or features that may be limited when construction gets underway;
  • Take advantage of modern energy-efficient building materials;
  • Enjoy ample opportunity for capital growth in rising markets.

The most attractive off-plan property investments tend to exist where there is a high-level of infrastructure. GDL offers a range of pre-sale opportunities in sought-after areas across the UK and Ireland.

Contact our team today on 01765 688989 to discuss opportunities in the following areas:

  • London – mix of residential, retail, hotel space
  • Manchester – mix of residential, retail, hotel space, commercial
  • Birmingham – mix of residential, retail, hotel space, commercial
  • Home Counties – mixed use, data centre, hotel, commercial
  • Edinburgh – student accommodation
  • Ireland – renewable energy, power plant
  • Technology – online platform
  • Renewable energy – wind
  • Debt book – commercial finance book